Grandma Carmen

Grandma Carmen? She is my Grandmother’s sister. I was raised to call all old Filipino ladies Grandmas and everyone else Uncles, Aunts, Grandpas, and cousins even if they weren’t related. Well on August 5th we got the news that she had passed away after being bed rest for a month. I’ve only seen my Grandma Carmen 4 times in my life because she lived in the Philippines. She was an adorable little lady. She had the same characteristics of my own Grandmother, but she was much shorter. I say Grandma Carmen stood at 4’6”. Although she was small, she was a very tough and strong woman. She was also a very smart person who taught in her early years. Every time I was able to see her, she always carried a smile and was always laughing. I just wish she was able to see how well my Grandmother is doing right now. Now she is up there in the Holy Land with my mom who she also adored like if she was her own child. Grandma Carmen, you will be missed. Here are a few shots that I was able to take of her when I was vacationing in the Philippines in 2006.

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