The Lots of Funny Photobooth - COMING SOON!

So one day I had my friends over after high school to study for a test. My dad decided to order pizza for all of us and thought it would be funny to tell a story of his teenage days. Our study session became a Stand-Up comedy show by my dad. We laughed at his stories and he ended his stories by saying, "We had lots of panny back then!" You had to be there to hear it, it was hilarious! Mix my dad's loud voice and heavy filipino accent, was hysterical! He really meant to say, "We had lots of fun back then!" Ever since that day I would always tell that story to friends and family, but never thought I would use that line for anything. Sometimes when our family gets together and laugh, someone would blurt out that line out of nowhere.

I've always wanted to add a photobooth feature to my photography packages, but never could think of a name for it. I wanted something funny, crazy, and hysterical, because I wanted that same outcome in the pictures. What better than my dads line, right? This photobooth will not be your typical photobooth you see at the mall where you sit down, put money in, wait for the countdown and voila! My photobooth will fit tons of people, with better quality light and pictures and the best part is...wait for it...PROPS! I'm going to have tons of props to accompany your photos for that special day. Then you can tell people, "We had Lots of Funny at our wedding day!" LOL!

Can't wait!

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