Inspiration In Motion

A lot of my inspiration comes from different sources all over the world, whether its from tv, magazines, books, other photographers, nature, love stories, or even traveling the world. One inspiration is from a production team called StillMotion. I've been following them for quite awhile now and everytime I watch one of their videos I just want to get out of my seat and go shooting. They were introduce to me by my wife who surfs the Wedding Bee website daily. StillMotion are a group filled with talented people, most who didn't even have a degree or a even class in videography. Watching their videos not only give me inspiration for my photography, but it motivates me in all sorts of aspects in life. Their videos make me happy, cry, and sometimes just makes you wish you can just stop your day job and just travel the world. I love seeing people happy and thats why I love what I do. Check out more of their videos from the link below. The video below is an advertisement of a husbad and wife promo of their photography business. Whats cool about it is that they don't even show one photo camera in the video, but still gives the audience what they provide and sell. So, take two minutes of your day to watch the video or even more to watch some of their other videos posted on their Vimeo account. Enjoy!

a photographer promo // meet justin + mary from stillmotion on Vimeo.

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