Our Big Vacation Trip

My wife's brother, MACHO, is coming to visit us all the way from Qatar. My wife and Macho hasn't seen each other for quite some time, possibly over 5 years. We're planning a big trip when he gets here. We're going to start in LA where we will pick him up at LAX then head to San Diego to hit up the Zoo, Sea World of course and maybe the Wild Animal Park. Then we plan to drive back home to Santa Maria and spend some quality time around the Central Coast before we head up to San Francisco the following weekend. Alcatraz and of course all the other attraction in SF including a trip to Napa Valley will be our itenarary. On our way back home, we plan to drive the coast on HWY 1 and possibly stop in Santa Cruz Boardwalk. After that trip, we then fly to Vegas for a couple days before we head to Florida. Grand Canyon will be part of our Vegas trip too. We are really looking forward to the Harry Potter theme park and Disneyworld. We might squeeze some time in there for Miami as well. Then we fly to Washington D.C. and check all the cool history that we as kids use to read about. Looking forward to the Smithsonian museums as well. Then last but not least, New York. We will be there for almost 4 days. This is the place I've always wanted to go to as a kid. Can't wait to see the Statue of Liberty and New York City itself. The subway will be interesting. We might as well head to Jersey and possibly Boston while we are there. I can't wait to try all sorts of foods and of course, take pictures all over the place. It will be a once in a lifetime experience and I can't wait. Next year will be the Philippines and in 2013?...wait for it...wait for it...EURO TRIP! Now thats one vacation trip I cannot wait for!


  1. That is an awesome list of places!! Glad you can get away for a bit, enjoy and post tons of pics :)