San Diego Trip

In between work at the base and photography work, I manage to find some time to visit some close friends of mine in San Diego. We had a great time hanging out with some of the old crew and roaming around my old stomping grounds. I miss San Diego... the fresh air, the nightlife, the beach, the weather, the people, and the food. My best friend, Mike, was even there. He came all the way down from Denver, Colorado. Even though we did not see each other that much, we made the best out of it when we did see each other. Other than hanging out with old friends, I took my wife to some other places she has never seen in San Diego. During these two weeks, I ended up going to Magic Mountain the following Friday and then back to San Diego. What a crazy two weeks!

Old Town
I always love the atmosphere of Old Town. The people are great and it's one tourist spot that is never crowded. The food is always good, the homemade tortillas are the best, and the place is full of color! It gave us a glimpse of how people live during those era.

The Beaches (Ocean Beach & Pacific Beach)
Since my sister Sheila lives in Ocean Beach, we spent the majority of the day over there. We ate at a famous burger joint called Hodad's. Burgers were juicy and huge! Also, that day happen to be a nice sunny day during Octoberfest. At Pacific Beach we ended up eating breakfast at Broken Yolk and had few mimosas. It's so nice to just hang out with old friends, relaxing under the beautiful sunny blue sky, and not rushing to do anything. A real vacation.

A view from Sheila's backyard in Ocean Beach.

I took my wife down to the Embarcadero area near Downtown and to Little Italy. We strolled around and even had a slice of real Italian style pizza from Luigi's. It ws so hard for us to choose what to get as they have an array of pizza to choose from. Later that evening I treated out my sister to the Fish Market which she actually now has a job with.

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