95.7 The Beat

Jay Nunez from 95.7 the Beat ask me to do a few pics of him for some of his promotional work. It was very easy to work with him. The shoot only took about an hour. This shot was taken at the Santa Maria riverbed underneath the 101. Since working with Jay, I've had plenty of people asking me to do a photo shoot with them. Thanks Jay! It pays to be staff of a radio station, everyone knows you especially in a little town like Santa Maria. Eventually Jay plans to develop a hip-hop magazine within the Central Coast, while I provide some of the photos. What great networking and exposure!!

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  1. Coolness!
    Good to see that you're networking.
    Did I tell you what my networking consists of??
    Going to Macy's and getting your face made-up by some make-up artist from L.A.
    Yup, he gave a class and I was the model. I learned quite a bit!